What are the roles and responsibilities of a preschool teacher?

November 05, 2019

The adolescent stages of any children are really important for the overall development of the child’s manners and understanding. It is this time of life when your child needs to know about the positive morals and values which they are going to carry with them for the rest of their lives. However, a parent cannot always make them understand these as a child spends a lot of time at school as well. So what are they going to do then? It is then the responsibility of a teacher till the time your child goes home. Preschool teachers have a really fun and exciting time ay their work with so many children always surrounding them.

But they also have really crucial roles and responsibilities to play in the overall development of the child’s manners and learning. Teachers are one of the most valuable parts of everyone’s lives and that goes the same for your toddler. They are the caregivers who make a big difference in the lives of toddlers. If you are planning to become a preschool teacher, then there are important roles and responsibilities that you will need to know before you start the job. Let us discuss them in the next segments.

What are the responsibilities of a teacher?

Many people take the job of a teacher casually because they fail to understand how much impact they can have on a child’s overall development. A fantastic teacher can help the children to become good and well-mannered humans in their lives. Their impact is ever-lasting and helps in the long run. Here are the responsibilities of a preschool teacher that you should know about-


The most important responsibility of a preschool teacher is to teach the children. Apart form direct learning and teaching the lessons that are available in the books, it is your responsibility to provide the children with instructions on extracurricular activities also. As a teacher, you must engage the children in interactive projects and supervise them on how they are going to do it. Proper instruction and guidance will make them more efficient and help them to understand various interactive projects in a better way. A teacher must also observe which child has a slow understanding and then provide them with a more simpler and easy set of instructions.

Development of curriculum:

The stage when children visit their preschools is really important for them to get a grasp over the different curriculum. It is the responsibility of a teacher to provide the children with the right guidance and help them develop the skills to accomplish basic elements of writing, reading, solving maths, and also attain interest for art and music. It is the responsibility of a preschool teacher to ensure that the pupils are developing different curriculum skills which will help them to develop their abilities over time. The development of the right set of the curriculum will ensure that the children are learning something new and challenging regularly. This will keep their minds active and grow positive characteristics.

Maintaining safety and healthy:

children who will be visiting a preschool are less than 10 years old and that is why it is the responsibility of a teacher to make sure that each and every child is safe and healthy. All the children will require constant monitoring and guidance from the teacher to prevent themselves from form from getting hurt. Apart from physical health, the teachers must also develop a friendly and supportive environment around the children which will make them feel emotionally safe as well. Children are really sensitive and that is why a teacher needs to ensure that all of them are feeling safe and welcomed. That is one of the very reasons why a preschool teacher needs to have a great level of patience to make a child understand he/she is safe. Also, if you want to become a teacher you will need to be aware all the time to avoid any trouble and prevent any dangerous situations.

Correcting the assignments:

probably one of the most common responsibilities of a preschool teacher is to correct the assignments of the children. Since all the children will be learning brand new curricula and other lessons from you, it is your duty to ensure that the children are doing them right and rectify their mistakes. This will help them to learn at home and correct their mistakes. Correcting the assignments of the children is a vital part of monitoring the academic progress and development of each child. It is a crucial task to accomplish on a daily basis if you want the children to learn and grow effectively over time.

Cooperating with the parents:

During the adolescent stages, both the parents and a teacher must cooperate with each other if they really want the welfare of their child. As a preschool teacher, it is their responsibility to discuss the progress of a child with his/her parents. The discussion should not only be regarding the grades of the child but also about how the child is performing on a daily basis. You can help them to understand what are the strengths and weaknesses of the child in school and which academic skills they possess more. The best way to discuss these issues is by meeting each other but you can even call them. Just make sure the parents are well aware of the progress and development of their child.

Be a role model:

As a teacher you will spend significant hours every day with the children. They will stay in your proximity all the time and as a result of which many of them will look up to you as their guide and role model. They will watch everything that you do and try to learn them. So you need to be a good role model in the eyes of the children and teach them positive lessons. Behave politely with everyone and greet them with ‘thank you” and “please”, this will allow the children to understand how to be polite and gentle. Practice good manners which will directly have an impact on the children as they will learn from you as well and use them in their daily lives. As a teacher whatever you do has an impact on the toddler and that is why you need to be a good role model to help them become better humans.

So these are some of the most vital roles and responsibilities of a preschool teacher. Make sure to give all the points a clear look and understand the importance of each of them.

Final Words:

Being a preschool teacher is a really fun and exciting responsibility that you need to accomplish. Being around children and taking care of them is a privilege that not many people can get. Spend time with the children and teach them all the crucial lessons in life. So, make sure to fulfill all the important responsibilities on you and train your students in the best way possible!

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