Vitamin D and your child health

July 25, 2018

Despite what its name implies, vitamin D is actually a hormone. It has many roles within the body including a part to play in the immune system. Sunlight is one of the best boosters of vitamin D, and during the spring and summer months our children should get enough if they spend short daily stints outside, without sun protection. However, as the dark afternoons draw in, how can we be sure how much vitamin D our children are actually getting?

Vitamin D and your child health !

We all know that calcium is needed for bone growth and strength, but vitamin D is also needed in the metabolic equation to absorb the calcium.

Why Vitamin D ?

This is why vitamin D is often fortified alongside calcium in products such as children’s breakfast cereals and milk. With recent reports of the Victorian disease of Rickets on the increase in children, it might be prudent to keep a closer eye on our children’s intake Only 10% of our vitamin D is usually through our diet – highlighting how problematic this may become during the darker months (Oct-Mar in the UK) when the sun isn’t around to provide us with the other 90%. Wherever you live, an extra dietary boost may be needed during the months where the sun is not high in the sky.

  • Vitamin D is a secosteroid hormone.
  • Vitamin D receptors are present in the majority of body tissues.

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  • Aster
    February 23, 2021 at 8:30 am

    Vitamin D is very crucial for children. That is the reason why our older generation used to push us out to go out and play. […] Read MoreVitamin D is very crucial for children. That is the reason why our older generation used to push us out to go out and play. But now the tables have turned, most of the kids are spending almost their entire time in front of screens which is creating Vitamin D deficiencies. We being responsible adults need to cut down their screen time and urge our kids to go and play outdoor with necessary precautions. When they are always locked up it also takes a toll on their mental health Read Less


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