Role of Technology in Preschools

October 01, 2019

Technology is changing the world we are living in. It has a serious effect on almost all the aspects of our lives and that is why it is important that we adopt different technologies to make our lives more convenient and easier. Education is one of the most crucial aspects of our lives and technology has changed it drastically as well.

In many parts of the world, people have used technology to provide better quality education to the children. Starting from preschools to higher education, technology is now present at all stages. Children can benefit a lot from technology.

Have you ever thought about how it can affect those who are in preschools now? The right use of technology can allow them to become more knowledgeable and enhance their ideas even more. Today we will talk about what is the role of technology in the preschools in the 21st century.

Is technology being used in preschools?

Yes. Nowadays most schools promote the use of technology in classrooms because it helps to promote better child learning and overall growth of their potential. Many teachers have started using different technical devices as it makes way for better development and learning. With the help of various kinds of technical devices, teachers now have more access to improved and innovative methods of teaching. The teachers are able to create a more engaging and meaningful learning environment for the children within the classroom.

A recent survey has shown that almost 90% of the teachers of preschool have easy access to technology in their classrooms. With almost 88% of them using a technical device to provide more engaging learning to the students. Researchers have found that the teachers have successfully integrated their lessons with technical devices. So that is a really positive impact that technology has on children who are in preschools.

Continued use of technical devices has shown that the students show more interest and curiosity in learning their regular lessons. When it comes to the use of technical devices, 80% of the teachers have used i-Pads or tablets in their classrooms, whereas around 51%-45% of students have used computers and interactive whiteboards.

How important is technology in preschools?

Many people might argue with the statement that technology is a must in all preschools because it can hamper the traditional way of teaching. But that is not the case. Use of different technologies will only allow the students to learn in a more ecstatic manner. It helps children to understand and take into account the knowledge they require without any complications.

The presence of technology has helped the children to develop more innovative ideas and thoughts as they keep growing. It also makes the students become more responsible. Using different technology gadgets will need proper care and patience. That is why technology also helps the children to learn some really essential values in life. The impact which is put during the school days tends to remain for a long time. It becomes much easier and more convenient for all the students to get a better understanding of what their teachers are currently teaching in class.

Latest technologies like Virtual Machines and AI, help to get more information and data in a short span of time. This reduces the waiting time that would have otherwise be gone. Fun and interactive tools like Virtual Reality machines will surely be fun for any child. It makes a simple and boring chapter very interesting. Children will read and understand their lessons with more fun and excitement. Thus, it becomes much easier to teach them at school.

These devices and techniques are also beneficial for the teachers as well. They can conveniently use than to promote a better environment in the class for all the children to participate and learn together. So you can clearly see why technology is so much important in preschools nowadays.

What are the technologies mostly used?

Classrooms are equipped with technical devices of different kinds. These help the students to get a better understanding of their lessons. Technical gadgets and various technologies come in handy for allowing the students to expand their knowledge and perform well in their life. Here are some technologies that are mostly used-

Electronic Whiteboards:

one of the most common technical devices used are electronic whiteboards. These are very effective in providing group instructions and presentations that help to enhance the lessons which are being taught and the students also find it more compelling. Subjects like Social Studies, Sciences, and Mathematics can be easily taught using electronic whiteboards in preschools.

Flipped Learning:

flipped learning is increasingly becoming popular as more schools are adopting this technique. With the help of this technology, the children can use any personal computer or other kinds of handheld devices to watch the lectures which will be hosted on school servers. Later, the teachers can initiate discussions based on the visuals.

Desktops and Laptops:

computers have been used in providing children with proper and practical knowledge regarding various subjects. But, the situation is now a lot more different than what it was before. Sophisticated computers with powerful processors can provide interactive learning and abolish the need for bulky dictionaries or encyclopedias. Access to the internet allows the students to expand the horizon of their knowledge in a more convenient manner.


projectors are also common in most preschools these days. At times, in a large classroom, the students may not be able to get a clear view of what their teacher is showing them on the computer. Hence, the use of a projector solves the problem. It allows all the students to get a better view of what is being taught in class.

Children learn at their personal pace and have their own way of understanding what is right and what is not. Technology and the different gadgets we mentioned allow them to perceive the learning in a much better way. The right balance between the traditional method of learning and digital education will only help the teachers to make their students learn in a more meaningful way.

What’s the bottom line?

Technology is spreading to all parts of the world. With several new technologies coming out every year, it is for sure that the field of education will surely be impacted. The idea of combining both traditional and digital education will need to be implemented more popularly. It is our duty to ensure that the children can learn and gain knowledge from technology and all its products. In a few years more time, almost every other schools will depend on technical gadgets and advanced technologies to teach and train their children to learn positively.

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