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  • Parents generally have lot of questions related to the working of Preschool and how it effect their children. It is not always possible to answer every parent’ query, however with years of experience of working jointly with the parent fraternity, we have chalked down some frequently asked questions from the parents. Please note that the answers of these FAQs are the official reply from the company, and it should be treated as the reply from the franchisee. With course of time, the FAQs will be added with more relevant questions.

    Who is the parent company ?

    Parent company is a Delhi based education company SmartSchool Education, with backend office in US. The company is primary an eLearning company with over 1500 schools and over 10 lacs students using its products. SmartSchool Junior is the subsidiary of SmartSchool Education with common management.

    What is the USPs of SmartSchool Junior Brand ?

    Foremost USP of our brand is the highly researched curriculum with a complete focus on hands-on learning, activity and the complete curriculum is digitally mapped. All the books are published in-house by our experts. The complete books are 100% mapped to digital content, which has a better learning impact on the child.

    But other preschools too claim that they have digital content ?

    We have the most comprehensive digital content, which is mapped to our curriculum. Other companies may have digital content, which has been borrowed from the market but is NOT mapped to their internal curriculum.

    Can my child view the digital content from home ?

    Yes, absolutely, every child is given a digital content DVD for home use, from where they can view the complete content from the comforts of their home. To activate the DVD, you will require a serial key, which can be obtained from the school management.

    How is your curriculum designed ?

    Lot of efforts have been put in to make the curriculum as interesting as possible. Our complete curriculum is designed to provide hands on learning to the child.
    The curriculum is designed to provide multi facet learning in terms of digital content, toys based learning, activity based learning and field trips. These multi facet approach not only makes the learning enjoyable but also creates a strong foundation for the child.

    What are the different ways through which I can be informed about the activities of the school ?

    SmartSchool Junior is a next generation preschool, hence we have made sure to integrate technology in our working. Through following ways, the parents will be informed about the working of the school
    1. Updates from Corporate Facebook channel
    2. Updates from Franchisee Facebook Channel
    3. Whatsapp Group
    4. Real time information sharing on BrightWheel App for parents
    5. Student Diary

    What is the time table followed by the school ?

    Time table related information is purely franchisee specific. The parent welcome note contains information related to school timings and rules. For information related to time table, the school principal will communicate at the time of admission.

    How is the hygiene factor taken care in the school ?

    Hygiene factor is very important to us. We make sure that our rooms and washrooms are neat and clean. The support staff are properly trained, and well groomed. All the toilet related activities of the child are properly monitored and supervised by trained support staff. All outdoor activities are planned in clean and hygienic places. Any food item is properly examined for hygiene factor and then given to the child.

    Will the parents be involved in the day to day activities ?

    We strongly believe that parents are the most important stake holders for us. In day to day activities, parents will be involved as when required. Direct contact details of the teachers and the principals will be shared with the parents for regular feedbacks and communication. We also conduct regular PTMs for apprising the parents about their child’s progress.

    What about the security and safety of my child ?

    Security and safety is of foremost importance to us. Some important measures we take regarding those are :
    1. Only designated person is allowed to pick and drop the child.
    2. The complete preschool facility is properly sanitised for security hazards like electric wirings, slippery surfaces, manholes etc.
    3. Attendance record is shared with the parents on real time basis.
    4. All the outdoor activities are properly monitored under strict supervision.
    5. Tight vigil is kept on the support staff to avoid any wrongdoings.
    6. Incase of any unfortunate incident, parents are immediately informed.

    On what critieria my child is evaluated ?

    We do not believe in evaluating the child at this level. It is too early a stage for evaluating a child and indulging in comparison with his/her peers, however we always encourage our teachers to provide grades on different parameters, as predefined in our learning paradigm. These parameters can be found in our progress card.

    What are the timings of the school, and who will be my contact person ?

    During admission time, the parents are provided with a parent welcome note, that provides all the information related to school timings, working days, contact person and other rules and regulations of the school.

    What is school’s take on Physical abuse of the child ?

    We have formulated internal policy to avoid any case of sexual abuse. A tight vigil is kept on every support staff to avoid any abuse.
    Definition of inappropiate touching is clearly defined, and if any person is found guilty ,strictest possible action will be pursued

    What is school’s take on sexual abuse of the child ?

    We have a very clear policy : Slapping and hitting the child is a CRIME. Our internal policy clearly states that no staff is allowed to hit or slap any child in any circumstances, if found strict action including legal will be pursued on the concerned staff.

    What is the disciplinary policy of school with regards minor skirmish among children ?

    As such there is no defined disciplinary policy, however the instruction to the teachers are pretty much clear, i.e. to counsel the children.
    We don’t believe in giving punishment for wrong behaviour, however we press for gentle counselling, so as to understand the real cause behind such behaviour and take appropiate steps to eradicte those.
    However there is always an appreciation or reward for good behaviour.

    Does the school has adequate first aid facility incase of any unfortunate incident ?

    Yes, the school maintain adequate first aid facility so as to provide immediate medication to the needy. However we have doctors on the call for any emergency and priority always will be to inform the doctor in case of any emergency. Parallely parents are also informed about the emergency.

    Will the school also educate me on the other aspects of parenting ?

    Yes. We have an internal “ Preschool Knowledge Series”, through which the school management is apprised with latest articles related to parenting. Time to time, those articles will be shared with you by the school management.

    Does your school takes care of the special learning needs ?

    Yes, we are very sensitive to the special learning needs, and make sure that proper attention is provided to the child with special learning needs. During the time of admission, we note down the special learning requirements of the child and proper attention is given to it in the due course of the session.

    Does my child needs to be toilet-trained before joining the school?

    Yes, we encourage parents to make their children toilet-trained before they join SmartSchool Junior. For more information about “Toilet-training” please refer to our “Preschool Knowledge Series”.

    Does my child needs to bring his/her tiffin to school ?

    Yes, we have one lunch break during the school timings. And we strongly encourage parents to pack healthy food items as tiffin for their children. School has a very strict policy on serving food, we DONOT serve any food in the school, unless and untill it is a part of any activity.

    Is it compulsory to buy the complete kit from the school ?

    During the admission, it is compulsory to buy the complete kit from the school. However, in due course of session, individual items like stationery, books, bags, dresses can be ordered. Prices of those items can be taken from the school management.

    What if I the school management is not addressing my grievances ?

    Although we are very confident about the working of our franchisee, however in rare scenarios, where the franchisee is not able to address your grievances, you can always contact the head office through

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