Our Learning System

  • Our Curriculum Ideology

    SmartSchool Junior curriculum has been designed to provide a holistic learning experience to the child. Developed by the experts from the field of child psychology to early year learning, the curriculum is the most advanced teaching material available in the market. The complete curriculum has been designed in keeping hands-on learning as the key learning outcome, which is implemented through various activities.  The ideology of our curriculum stands on 3 important pillars:-



    • Concept of Reinforcement
    • Learning through Digital Aids
    • Concept of "SMARC"
    • Parent Orientation Program

      Extensive parent orientation program takes place after the admission process

    • Regular PTMs

      Regular PTMs are conducted to apprise the parents about the happenings in the school.

    • Parent teacher Interaction

      Real-time parent-teacher interaction takes place through Inhouse “Messaging APP”

    • Social Emotional Skills

      Develop Social-Emotional Skills in the child

    • Motor Skills

      Develop Motor Skills in the child

    • Academic Skills

      Develop Academic Skills in the child

    • Refinement of Senses

      Develop Refinement of Senses in the child

    • Cognitive Skills

      Develop Cognitive Skills in the child

  • Learning through Modern Technology

    The complete curriculum at SmartSchool junior is technology enabled. We are the First Preschool Chain in India to have a complete curriculum strictly mapped to digital content, which is played through LEDs in the classrooms. Apart from LEDs, the complete content is also delivered through a mobile APP for home viewing.

    • For Classroom viewing, the content is played through LEDs.
    • For Home viewing, the content is played through mobile APP.
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