Legal Requirements to Start a Preschool

March 23, 2019

Starting a playschool is one of the most successful businesses that we could opt for to earn handsome income. This business not only allows earning profits but it also provides a strong foundation to the young toddlers. This type of education business not only brings good fortune but also provides you a lot of respects and goodwill in the society.

To start such a business, you just need to fulfill certain basic requirements and you are ready to earn profits. A preschool does not demand excessive or huge investment instead it could be just started in the range of 7 lakhs to 8 lakhs. But if you are willing to earn income and profits from the establishment of preschool then you must be well versed with all the legal requirements and licenses that are necessary to establish a preschool. A preschool would yield profits only if you establish it full security of both monetary and legislator terms.

If we talk about the country India, then there are certain ways in which you could start a preschool. They are as follows:

  • Your own house: you can open the preschool in your house as well. For this you just need to have a spacious housing area with a garden that could be treated as the play area for the tiny tots. But if you are opting this way to establish your preschool then you must consider all the facts regarding security and safety of the children.

  • Leasing, renting or purchasing the area for the preschool: if you want to establish your preschool by renting, leasing or purchasing a space that could be helpful in opening a preschool. But again you must consider the points that would affect your decision regarding the establishment of preschool like area, locality, surrounding, neighborhood and whether it is in the central space or not.

  • Franchising: you could also establish your own preschool by entering into a franchising contract with the parent company. In this you just have to make the investment and franchise fee and in return could enjoy the goodwill and promotions of the parent company. This option is best when you want to earn quick profits but it could also be the most expensive way in the list of establishing a business.

  • After selecting the way of establishing a business you should consider other facts as well relating to the resources, source of funds and stationary etc. It must be noted here that a preschool must be equipped with all the necessary resources that are required for the preschool and its operations.

    Apart from these things, a preschool must be established according to Indian rules and regulations and must fulfill all the conditions required to open a preschool. There are certain regulations that are needed to be followed before opening a preschool. Some of the regulations and certifications that are necessary for establishing a preschool are as follows:

  • Permission from municipal corporations: before establishing a preschool you must hold a permission of acceptance from the local authorities or municipal corporations to permit you to open a preschool in the area. This document is one of the most essential documents and without this permission you could not proceed with other legal requirements and hence you would not be able to establish a preschool. You could seek this permission from the local authority or the municipal corporation operating in your area.

  • Certificate from education council or board of education: for establishing a preschool you should also seek permission and a certificate that permit you to start any educational business. It must be noted that this council has it separate legal requirements as well as it would provide you certifications only on the basis of your infrastructure, capital and other resources. The certificate from education council or board of education would provide a legal support to your preschool.

  • Health and education department operating in your area: before taking such a responsibility on your shoulders of providing a healthy foundation to the toddlers, you must seek the permission from the local health and education department. They would conduct a study that provides them the details of the locality in which you want to open a preschool. They would provide the permission of opening a playschool only if they are satisfied with the sanitation facilities, hygiene and other health related facilities provided in your locality.

  • Food department and FSSAI certifications: if you are going to provide the mess or food facility to the students then also you have to obtain certificates from local food department or authority. It must be noted here that if you are outsourcing this facility to some other individual or café or restaurant then you should check whether they hold a valid certification from FSSAI or not. Because without a valid certificate from FSSAI, any food provider could not commercialize his services. Recently FSSAI has seized many licenses of such food providers so you should be really careful about this certification.

  • Apart from the other regulations, many states have their own policies and regulations as well. So before planning a business like this, you must conduct an exhaustive research in order to ensure that you are planning in the right way.

It should also be kept in mind that if you are opting for franchise playschool then you also have to follow the guidelines and rules provided by the parent company otherwise you would loose your franchising contract.

Establishing a preschool is undoubtedly a best idea to earn huge profits and goodwill in the market. You just require some sincerity, devotion, determination and dedication to start a preschool. This business would yield you loads of profits if you provide it all your sincerity. In order to establish a successful business you should obtain all the certifications and documentations from the concerned department. This responsible step towards your business would provide you a strong base to start your preschool as well as it would also attract the guardians to enroll their children in your preschool.

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