How to handle kids on first day of the school?

November 12, 2018

On the first day of the preschool, it is difficult to say or think that how a child will handle separation from the parents. In some situation kids will stay close and tight to their mom in fear, while others will move happily away without even saying a goodbye to their mom’s. If your child shows the former behavior, don’t get tensed, stay calm as going to school is a big change for children, and the fear, happiness, insecurity they experience is a perfectly normal part of the developmental process. Nevertheless, there are ways in which you can make this easier for your child to accept as the time passes by.

  • Comfort your child

It is always good to talk to your child about preschool few weeks before it begins. Show them enthusiasm and excitement by telling them that what all new things he/she will learn. Try to obtain responses from your them to see how he/she may be feeling. Don’t discuss the topic, if the child is not interested. The main plan is to make preschool something exciting to attend to, rather than something to fear.

  • Stay away from your child

Before your child starts to go to school, you can observe how he deals with parting away from you. Try to leave them with a relative or close family friend for some time. Watch how your child behaves without you in a safe and supervised environment.

  • Mingle up with classmates

Sometimes it happens that children residing in your neighborhood will also attend the same preschool. So, try to mingle up your child with other kids. So, that in future if they attend the preschool, they find familiar faces.
Now there are few tips parents can use or briefed by the preschools to comfort their child on first day of the school

  • Take a favourite toy or anything from home along with your child

Help your child to take something from home with them on first day of their school.This will encourage them to choose something small and comfortable, like a toy or a favorite sticker. The presence of a familiar object can give the child a sense of security in a new environment.

  • Getting friendly with classmates and teacher

Parents can spend some time in your child’s classroom on the first day. Introduce your child to the teacher and the other classmates, and show them the play area,
bathroom and their classroom. If the teacher has set up an arts and crafts activity to occupy and engage children, try to get your child involved in the activity.

  • Respond positively to your child¡¦s anxiousness

If your child is uncomfortable on the first day, do not scold him and do not try to bribe him into behaving. Be cheerful and repeatedly tell them that you will be back to pick them up at the end of the school day. Remind them that he will be learning exciting new things.

  • Always say Goodbye

Say a cheerful and short goodbye to your child. Don’t come back after you have already said goodbye, and don’t slip out of the room unnoticed. Some children like a goodbye ritual, such as two hugs or a secret wave from the window. Again, remind your child when you will return, and make sure you are not late picking them up!

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