How to Encourage Confidence in a Child

September 18, 2019

The modern world has become an arena of stiff competition. Every individual in this world is required to compete, in order to be able to earn the means to lead a good life and be able to fulfill their desires. In order to make one self prepared for such a hostile environment, it is imperative to develop and in still self confidence in individuals right from childhood, as confidence is not something that can be developed overnight. It is like a tree that has to be nurtured with love, compassion and hard work, so that the tree bears good fruits.

Self confidence is very important in children, so that they can grow into confident individuals, who are capable of handling pressure and turning the tables to achieve their goals, or to be able to persevere through hardships.

With good self confidence, children are able to conquer and achieve so much, which in turn helps them bring out the best in them. The various advantages of self confidence in children are as follows.


Happiness: The first and most important aspect of life which is affected by self confidence is happiness. When a child is confident in their ability, a sense of achievement gives them lasting happiness. This happiness allows a child to throw out any negativity in life and come on top. A happy child not only overcome hurdles but also brings light to others life as well.

Comfortable in Socializing: Self confident children can socialize well and make new and stronger bonds. These bonds are able to last for longer time and few even last for a life time. Thus they are able to easily take on the challange of meeting people, without giving much thought to judgement.

High Productivity: Self confident children are way more productive than their timid counterparts. The reason is simple – a self confident child believes in their ability and is not afraid of taking new risks. And even if the child fails, the child seldom has any qualms in trying again. On contrary, a child with low confidence or no confidence will most likely doubt the solution that they come up with, to a problem.

Mental and Physical Health: Self confidence plays a huge role in shaping the psyche of a child. A child with self confidence has high levels of mental fortitude and result in good mental health. Also, self confidence also effects a child physical health.

Methods to Encourage Confidence in Children

Now that we know that self confidence can have such positive effects on a child’s life which can last through a lifetime, the question comes is how to instill confidence in children from an early age? The following methods can be of huge help in achieving this target. These methods are essentially used to boost a child’s confidence through the daily interactions that parents have with their children.

  • Children Need Love: How does a child feel confident? A child would confident if the child feels accepted. This acceptance for the child can be shown by showing love. Love is very important for the child’s emotional development and stability. There is an innate desire for people to feel accepted and when a person, especially children feel loved by their parents and also by other family members as well as relatives, the feeling of being accepted is multiplied, which adds to their confidence. This confidence allows them to explore and do things on their own, and they can rely on their parents for their assistance.
  • Teach Children to be Self-Reliant:Now this does not mean that you should leave children on their own. It simply implies that after one point of time it is best not to spoon feed your children. You need to teach your children to be able to do things on their own. The best way for a person and especially children to learn is to do it themselves, so that they can gain experience. Instead of just trying to solve problems for your children, help them to manage their problems on their own. You can of course guide the way by either showing them how to do it or allowing the child the opportunity to figure out the solution to the problem on their own. The two effects based on the outcome are- firstly, if the child fails then the child learns what not to do in certain situations. Secondly, the child will gain confidence out of their success and is able to take on higher and bigger challenges in life.
  • Don’t Let involve Child into Situations which are Way Over Their Heads:You of course would want your child to be self reliant, but you must also gauge the current capability of your child and then set up challenges for them accordingly. Setting up and allowing your children to take up challenges, which are too much for your children to tackle on their own, could have negative effects. Instead of a confidence building exercise, it could turn out to be a morale shattering endeavor. Asking your child to take up potentially dangerous situations, can lead to physical harm, which may lead to long term psychological trauma. Therefore, evaluate your child’s potential, and assign the task accordingly.
  • Allow your Child to be Part of the Decision Making Process:There is nothing more liberating for your children than to be able to make their own decisions. Instead of telling your children what to do, give them options to choose from. The options of course must be acceptable to you. This will allow your children to choose what they want to do, but still within the realm of the regulations set by you. Being able to choose will boost your child morale through the roof and the child will be able to make good choices.
  • Praise Your Child’s Efforts and Achievements: Humans are hard wired to feel good about themselves when parasite. Praising your child’s efforts to achieve a goal, irrespective of whether the child succeeds or not, will help tremendously in boosting the child’s self confidence. Any achievements must be celebrated but in case of loss, teaching a child to accept failure and to move on and try again will go a long way in helping a child develop mental fortitude.

At the end of the day, the way to make a child more confident depends greatly on the parents and guardians of the child. Over-protective parents can hinder a child’s natural growth, but so can be careless parents also. Therefore, it is necessary to find the right balance of care and risk taking, so that your children can learn to do what is necessary.

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