Benefits of Sports for Kids

September 24, 2019

There was a time when people discouraged their children from playing sports, and instead pushed them towards studies or towards pursuance of a trait which would help them earn their living when they grew up. However, gradually things have changed for the better and people have begun to realize the importance of sports in the life of a person, and especially children. Sports have so many benefits to offer to children and post the commercialization of sports, and the amount of research that has gone into them. Parents now a days, push their kids to take up sports, as it helps in the overall development of a child.

Let us now look at the varied benefits that sports have to offer to children.

Benefits of Sports for Children

  • Physical Fitness:The first and foremost benefit of sports for kids is that it, by participating in sports, kids can do various physical activity to tone up their body. Sports make kids fitter and more active. Kids remain healthier if they participate in sports, and there is a plethora of research that supports this fact. Kids need to exercise to stay healthy, but no kid wants to exercise. However, sports are a fun alternative to exercise which children love to participate in. The physical benefits that sports have on the human body are immense.

  • Sports help in improving the cardiovascular health of the children. When kids participate in sports, the heart receives the necessary exercise which makes the heart stronger, considering that the heart too is a muscle.

  • Child obesity is another issue that can be avoided by ample participation in sports. Kids can churn the fats and carbohydrates that they intake and use it as fuel in sports.

  • Sports allow the muscles in the body of children to build strength and consequently, children can develop stronger and toned muscles.

  • Another benefit of sports is on the joints of kids. Sports keep the joints of the body flexible and mobile and they are spared from any stiffness and tiredness.

  • Sports also help in getting proper sleep. Kids are fussy about sleeping, but if they participate in sports, then they get tired easily and fall asleep, without much fuss. This allows them to take rest which is good for the body.

  • Mental Fitness:When kids participate in sports, then they not only benefited physically but also mentally. Their body releases hormones that make them happier and more relaxed. That is why one can see that when kids play they are always laughing. It is because of the chemical release that is triggered by physical activity. Another important benefit of sports for kids is that they are saved and shielded from depression. Yes! Depression in kids is real. And it is little difficult to identify as it may be ignored as a mood swing. However, it can be dangerous. Sports can help children to stay away from depression. And even kids who are depressed can benefit from sports, as sports allow them the strength to ward off negativity. And not only depression but also minor mood swings can also be taken care of by being involved in sports.

  • Improved Balance and Hand-eye Coordination:Sports have a great impact on gross and fine motor function of the body. Kids who participate in sports have better motor skills as they can control and coordinate their body parts better. In general, they have better hand-eye coordination than kids who do not participate in sports. Sports generally require kids to have good hand-eye coordination as well as the ability to balance their body. Thus, participating in sports helps kids to attain these skills. This can prove to be very helpful in everyday life. Being able to walk properly on uneven surfaces while balancing yourself, or simply carrying heavy stuff to balance yourself are a few examples. Another example is crossing the road. A kid who participates in sports will be able to learn how to judge distance and speed of oncoming vehicles. Similarly, catching a ball etc. also requires calculating distance and speed.

  • Team Work:A great quality that can be learnt from sports is teamwork. Sports involve a team, everyone has to work together. Sports help your kids to learn the value of working in a team and coordinating with people. Another important benefit of teamwork is the ability to work out issues and solve problems within the team. In sports sometimes you have arguments, but kids learn how to avoid or tackle such situations. Also, kids learn how to put the greater good over personal benefits. Sometimes one has to make sacrifices for the team which kids learn at an early age and become more caring individuals.

  • Relationships:Sports help kids to understand the concept of building relationships and the ability to break their shell and communicate with people. Kids make friends and bonds that can last a lifetime. This helps them grow as individuals and branch out. Kids also learn to rely on others and can overcome their shyness in asking others for help.

  • Leadership Skills:Sports can teach kids the art of leading a team. Being a leader requires the ability to lead as an example as well as convince others to follow. Sports are an excellent platform to teach kids how to take charge of a situation and lead a group to success.

  • A great Career Option:Encouraging and enrolling a child in sports from early ages can help the child develop the skill required to excel in the sport. And it is quite possible that the child might become efficient at it, from a young age. This will allow the kid, the opportunity to take up the sport as a career option upon growing up.

Essentially, sports are very important for the overall development of a child as they facilitate the growth of the child, both physically and psychologically. It is essential therefore to allow kids and to encourage them to take up sports during their early years of life so that they can benefit from positive attributes of sports.

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