Admission Related FAQ

  • Parents generally have lot of questions related to the admission process and how it effect their children. It is not always possible to answer every parent’ query, however with years of experience of working jointly with the parent fraternity, we have chalked down some frequently asked questions from the parents. Please note that the answers of these FAQs are the official reply from the company, and it should be treated as the reply from the franchisee. With course of time, the FAQs will be added with more relevant questions.

    Is there any interview process for the admission in SmartSchool Junior ?

    No there is no interview process, but we do conduct a counselling session with parents to guide them about the admission process and some aspects of parenting.

    What are the documents required for the admission process ?

    1.A Birth Certificate as a proof of age from a civic body.
    2. Parents/Guardian identity proof. (Should be Govt. Approved)
    3. Address Proof of the parents/guardian.
    4. Four Passport size photo of the child.
    5. Two passport size photo of the parent/Guardian.

    What is the admission fees ?

    Please consult the franchisee Incharge for details.

    What is the Monthly fees ?

    Please consult the franchisee Incharge for details.

    What are the components of the admission kit ?

    Please refer to “Admission Kit” section for more details.

    What is the parent welcome booklet ?

    Parent welcome booklet contains information related to rules and regulations of the preschool along with parenting tips for the parents.

    Do we get any kind of acknowledgement after the admission process ?

    Yes, the school will provide acknowledgement receipts to the parents.

    Do we get the Mobile APP access as the part of admission kit ?

    Yes, every parent will get full access to mobile APP with 1 year duration.

    What is the minimum age of admission to SmartSchool Junior ?

    Minimum age of admission is 2.5 years.

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