Admission Kit

  • Highly Customized Admission Kit

    Every child studying in SmartSchool Junior gets an admission kit, which is highly customized to the learning needs of the child.  Following are the components of the admission kit :-

    • Book set as per Level
    • Worksheet Set as per Level
    • Parent Welcome Booklet
    • License for Digital Content
    • Talking Books (Optional)
    • Parent Messaging APP license
    • School Bag
    • Stationery kit
    • Activity Kit
    • Summer Uniform set
    • Winter Uniform set
    • Highly Researched Books

      SmarSchool Junior books have been developed after years of research.

    • Superior Fabric based Uniform

      All the Uniform sets are made from superior quality fabric for better comfort.

    • Intriguing Stationery & Activity Kit

      Stationery and activity kits are designed to tickle the curiosity in the child.

    • License of Digital Content

      Every child is given license of high definition digital content for home viewing.

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