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  • Welcome to SmartSchool Junior

    India's Most Advanced Preschool !
    • High Teacher to Child Ratio

      Every SmartSchool Junior has high teacher to child ratio for personalized learning.

    • Best-in-class Facilities & amenities

      Facilities and amenities are best in class for their security, hygiene, and maintenance.

    • High Parental Involvement

      Through frequent interactions, parental involvement is high in working of the preschool.

    • Fully Structured Curriculum

      SmartSchool Junior follows a structured curriculum, which is as per International Standards.

    • Our Branches

      Successfully running Branches across India.

    • eLearning Modules

      Huge repository of eLearning Modules

    • Satisfied Parents (%)

      High acceptance among parents

    • Students

      Number of students enrolled with us

  • Our Classes

  • We have four levels of classes with an average of 20-30 children aged two to five years of age.

  • SmartSchool Junior has four levels of classes, which are classified on the basis of age groups. Each level has a tailor-made curriculum, which has been structured around the learning needs of the specific age-group.

  • Our academic team has developed the most advanced curriculum in terms of Delivery, Content and Pedagogue.

    A fully structured curriculum is the foundation of our preschool. The curriculum has been tailor-made to specific age-groups, with special emphasis given to role-play, indoor-outdoor and Edu-aids based activities. The curriculum has been completely mapped to the digital resources, which promotes better learning and retention in the child.

    • Fully Structured age-specific curriculum.
    • 100% Mapped to Digital resources.
    • Over 50,000 eLearning modules.
    • In-House Publication of Books
    • Mobile APP for digital resources
    • Curriculum based on "SMARC" technique
    • Talking books with every admission kit
    • Weekly/Monthly curriculum guidelines for teachers.
    • Extensive Outdoor-Indoor Activities.
    • 100 % Digital Curriculum

      The SmartSchool Junior’s curriculum is completely digitized with high definition digital videos, and interactive application

    • Edu-aids based activities

      Our complete course plan accompanies a host of advanced teaching aids and methods, which provide a overall hands on learning to the child

    • Role play based activities

      Our curriculum includes many role-play activities, that are designed to promote the social and emotional development of the child.

    • Indoor & outdoor activities

      We believe in fun based learning. The entire preschool curriculum has been structured to provide extensive indoor and outdoor activities

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    • We are happy that our son is a part of Smart School Junior, Tinsukia, and feels proud when talking to others about the school’s learning concepts, digital curriculums , activities and hard work of teachers behind every individual student

      Mrs. & Mr. Purnendu Dev
      Parents of Prithvi Shekhar Dev (Smart School Junior, Tinsukia, Assam)
    • I am happy and proud to be a part of SmartSchool. My daughter is enjoying her school as everyday new methodologies are used to make studies more fun and enjoyable.

      Roopam Kakati Father of Srishti Kakati
      Smart School junior Dhanshri Khuti, Udalguri
    • I am very happy and completely satisfied with SmartSchool curriculum, events and activities conducted in the school.

      Tabita Boro Mother of Alina Boro
      Smart School junior, Guwahati
    • My daughter learned a lot as the teachers are hard working and gives special attention to each child.All credit goes to the school management and staff.

      K Sharma Father of Deebiksha S. Sharma
      Smart School junior Dhanshri Khuti, Udalguri
    • I always try to turn other peoples mind for a good nursery school for their kids and I ask them to visit SSJ, Tinsukia for at least once. Because we are fully satisfied and happy that our kid is in right and safe hands.

      Mrs. & Mr. Purnendu Dev
      Parents of Prithvi Shekhar Dev (Smart School Junior, Tinsukia, Assam)
    • My son looks so happy and engaged . He can recognize letters and numbers in such a short space of time! Overall we absolutely love Smart School Junior Sivasagar.

      Bipul Saikia
      Parents of Anurag Saikia (Smart School Junior Sivasagar)
    • After joining smart school junior Sivasagar, I am very thankful that I could recognize about my daughters hobbies , she is very much interested in cultural activities such as music and dance. So i recommend smart school junior Sivasagar for it’s overall teaching method.

      Rajiv Bora
      Parents of Aradhya Bora (SmartSchool Junior shivasagar)
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